Assworshipmovies - Faye Reagan And Georgia Jones 2

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Forced Sweaty Cheerleader Ass Licking Faye's team has lost again, and Georgia plans on collecting on their bet. Faye is pretty snotty, but that's not going to stop Georgia from enjoying Faye's wet tongue licking her ass clean. Faye asks her to please take a shower first, but Georgia tells her that her tongue is going to be her only shower! Georgia is quite forceful slapping Faye's head and pulling on her pigtails to get Faye's tongue deeper into her asshole. Faye licks and spits on that sweaty cheerleader asshole and then tongue fucks it. Georgia keeps telling Faye to tell her that she loves the taste of her ass. She doesn't, but finally says she likes it so Georgia will finally cum and she can stop.